Casa Perbellini


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Casa Perbellini Wine List

“Those we love the most”
A rich selection of fine wines along with some absolute rarities that together with our sommelier we have found by searching all of Europe

All of our wines are served at cellar temperature

Finalmente torniamo a casa!
Dal 17 settembre Casa Perbellini riapre il giovedì (solo a cena), il venerdì e il sabato.
Potrai continuare a trovarci anche al ristorante Giancarlo Perbellini Pop Up, aperto tutti i giorni.
We are finally going home!
From 17th September Casa Perbellini reopens on Thursday (only for dinner), Friday and Saturday.
You can also continue to visit us at the Giancarlo Perbellini Pop Up restaurant, open every day.