Casa Perbellini


The Menù

Menu items follow the seasonal nature of produce. Innovation and tradition are intertwined in the composition of the dishes.


Menù available for lunch and dinner

  • Casa Perbellini amuse-bouche*
  • Caviar & sabayon
  • Sesame wafer, sea bass* tartare, chive goat cheese with a hint of liquorce
  • Zucchini, pink shrimps* from Santa Margherita and crispy pistacho
  • Grilled turbot*, bread flavored with celery olive oil and peanuts, ceviche cream
  • Ravioli pasta stuffed with mascarpone, rocket salad and lime
  • Lobster*, potatoes and sorrel
  • Fried red mullet*, olives and tomatoes
  • Mezze maniche pasta, garlic olive oil and chili pepper, razor clams* and parsley
  • Lamb salad and lettuce, chamomile and vinegear gelly, Bordelaise sauce
  • Glazed quail with tosazu, green beans and sea snails*
  • Casa Perbellini’s sweetness*

Dalla terra

Menù available for lunch and dinner

  • Casa Perbellini amuse-bouche*
  • Salad
  • Carrots
  • Vegetables
  • Quinoa
  • Casa Perbellini’s sweetness*

X non finire

Menù available for lunch and dinner

The cheese selection is available from 15,00 to 25,00 Euros.

Il ristorante Casa Perbellini rimarrà CHIUSO per ferie dal 14 Agosto al 31 Agosto 2021 (compresi). In questo periodo verranno accettate solamente le prenotazioni effettuate tramite il nostro form.
Casa Perbellini will be CLOSED for holidays from 14th August to 31th August 2021 (inclusive). During that time, we will accepted only reservations made through our form.