Casa Perbellini


The Menù

Menu items follow the seasonal nature of produce. Innovation and tradition are intertwined in the composition of the dishes.


Menù available for lunch and dinner

  • Casa Perbellini amuse-bouche*
  • Caviar & sabayon
  • Salad & Lentils
  • Sesame wafer, sea bass* tartare, chive goats cheese with a hint of liquorice
  • Roasted sole fish,* buffalo mozzarella cheese flavored with lemon and basil emulsion
  • Curry and crab* tacos
  • Warm Raviolo Pasta stuffed with mantis shrimps* and its sauce
  • Cauliflower cream, almonds and sea urchins*
  • Rice with karkadè and “finanziera” sauce
  • Veal sweetbread, carrots, seaweed pesto and yogurt powder
  • Pigeon breast, beer, Grana Padano cheese cream and salsify
  • Casa Perbellini’s sweetness*


Menù available for lunch and dinner

  • Casa Perbellini amuse-bouche*
  • Daikon
  • Aubergine
  • Mushrooms
  • Endive
  • Casa Perbellini’s sweetness*

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Menù available for lunch and dinner

The cheese selection is available from 15,00 to 25,00 Euros.

Finalmente torniamo a casa!
Dal 17 settembre Casa Perbellini riapre il giovedì (solo a cena), il venerdì e il sabato.
Potrai continuare a trovarci anche al ristorante Giancarlo Perbellini Pop Up, aperto tutti i giorni.
We are finally going home!
From 17th September Casa Perbellini reopens on Thursday (only for dinner), Friday and Saturday.
You can also continue to visit us at the Giancarlo Perbellini Pop Up restaurant, open every day.