Casa Perbellini


The Menù

Menu items follow the seasonal nature of produce. Innovation and tradition are intertwined in the composition of the dishes.

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Menù available for lunch and dinner

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Veggie experience

Menù available for lunch and dinner


Menù available for lunch and dinner

  • Casa Perbellini amuse-bouche
  • Sesame wafer, sea bass* tartare chive goats cheese with a hint of liquorice
  • Ponzu marinated amberjack*, fried porcini mushrooms and spring onion
  • Grilled langoustine*, scapece marinated courgette, lime mayonnaise, wild fennel scented tomato water.
  • Confit tomatoes, smoked ricotta, Grana Padano cream and lemon bread.
  • Mushroom water risotto, caramelized fish fumet and caper powder
  • Saba glazed duck breast, fried lentils, truffled cauliflower.
  • Iberico pork pluma, mustard crispy cabbage, paprika hummus and lemon meringue.
  • Casa Perbellini’s sweetness*

Other proposals


Menu available only for lunch

Our “Lunchtime” menu will be explained by our waiting staff. It is served every day except on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Our selection of the best wines

Champagne Brut BdB S.A. Delamotte

Franciacorta Dosage Zero E’ssenza” S.A. Clarabella

Riesling Red Stone 2017 Gunderloch