Casa Perbellini


The Menù

Menu items follow the seasonal nature of produce. Innovation and tradition are intertwined in the composition of the dishes.

Choose Your…Pleasure!

Menù available for lunch and dinner

Choose 2 dishes to create your own menu.

  • Umbrine* and clams*
  • Risotto e hibiscus
  • Char and tamarind
  • Sweetbread and artichokes
  • Spaghetto and sea urchins*
  • Pigeon and almonds

Veggie experience

Menù available for lunch and dinner


Menù available for lunch and dinner

  • Casa Perbellini amuse-bouche
  • Sesame wafer, sea bass* tartare chive goats cheese with a hint of liquorice
  • Sweet and sour Carrots, fried calamari*, black garlic and carrots’water with mustard
  • Scallop’s* Caesar salad
  • Tuna Suckling pig, wasabi, chicory, short crust pastry
  • Home made Ravioli “Plin”, hazelnut cream, Grana Padano cheese Reserve, goat cheese foam
  • Roasted Veal tongue, saffron foam, orange wild fennel
  • Deer, potatoes with argan oil, red radish with red beetroots, spicy sauce
  • Casa Perbellini’s sweetness*


Our selection of the best wines

Name Production year Winery
Champagne Brut "Grand Siècle" - Laurent-Perrier
Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero Riserva "Annamaria Clementi" 2010 Cà del Bosco
Praecipuus Riesling Renano 2018 Roeno