Casa Perbellini 12 Apostoli
Casa Perbellini’s Cellar

A selection of exquisite wines and absolute rarities,
discovered by the chef during his journeys.

Giancarlo Perbellini’s passion for fine French wines and his profound knowledge of local excellences find their expression in the wine cellar of the restaurant. The dining room, redesigned by the creativity of designer Patricia Urquiola, is conceived as a contemporary temple seamlessly integrated into the richly traditional atmosphere of the place, a direct bridge that connects past and present.

Under a frescoed ceiling, a rust-colored cube made of glass and metal hosts a collection of precious labels, including fine wines and absolute rarities. Downstairs, in the vaulted room with traces from Roman and medieval eras, the historical cellar of the restaurant guards an additional selection of over 800 high-quality references, spanning from local to international wines.

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